Society Has Been Invaded By Drugs

An in depth interview with Narconon Trois-Rivières Executive Director, Marc Bernard
By: Nick Hayes

W ith the ravages of drug addiction destroying lives all over the world, and killing people every day; more people are stepping up and saying enough!  Marc Bernard was one of those people, now currently the Executive Director of Narconon Trois-Rivières; a very successful residential drug and alcohol treatment center, he realized years ago that society had been completely consumed by drugs.  Sitting down with Marc we asked him what his first contact with Narconon was.  “My first introduction was in late 1997; I had just completed a 16-month college degree in Interior Design and was working for a well-known design firm.

Director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres in his office at Narconon

Marc Bernard - Director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres

One Saturday I was working on a project and the manager stated to me he was going on the back deck and invited me if I choose to. I thought this was a boss & employee bonding thing, so I went and to my surprise I saw him standing there with a “Bob Marley” pot joint about 6 inches long and ½ inch diameter. When he saw me, he offered me some. I told him I had just completed a one year clean time from drugs and do not intend to fall back into that lifestyle. The next week he told me I did not have the right qualifications for this job. But I knew better, so I left and started to take design jobs on my own, but was still very much bothered by that event and spoke to a friend of mine who put me in touch with someone who was in the process of opening the first Narconon in Quebec. After we spoke I realized it was not me but society that has been invaded by drugs whether in the white-collar sector or blue collar, drug addiction was everywhere. I told him I would work with him to change this.”

“The worst is not always the most gruesome, the worst I saw was a guy who came to the center in Montreal off the street; nobody wanted this guy. He pawned his mother’s wedding ring and went to get it back and it was sold!”

“That told me there is no bottom to the barrel, it just keeps getting worse.”

– Marc Bernard

Marc has been dedicated to aiding anyone who wanted help.  It is not a very easy process to get hard drug addicts clean and sober from years of abuse and wrongdoing.  Marc explained to us how he has seen drugs and alcohol impact others, and what made him want to help those in need. “As I began to work with the people at Narconon in its early stages I saw many young and old come to the center to get help. One man who had a wife, a good job, and three kids and was generally doing very well, until some life impact caused him to look for unusual answers to an otherwise difficult time of his life.

Drugs or Alcohol tend to replace the unwanted pain or emotion. When he arrived he was broken and the story is the same for each person that enters the Narconon program, it’s simply the content that differs but the result is the same; lost and addicted, unable to care for self or anyone else for that matter. With the proper tools of life and a clean up this could have been avoided and this man would still be with his wife and kids. That is what makes me do this, people need to have tools for life and learn how to deal with life on a daily basis, Narconon is the only program that does that in my opinion.”

“I had to sit in the sauna with her, because she hated it. She was under the benches on the floor in the coldest part of the sauna.”

– Marc Bernard

There was one particular person that really stood out for Marc; it was actually the first person he ever helped while being involved with the Narconon program.  “Interesting enough, one day while I was at Narconon, I received a call from a mother who I had lost contact with for over 15 years. Her daughter and my daughter had grown up together from birth to about four years old when they moved. She told me her daughter was on heroin somewhere in Toronto and can we help her. She was quite worried because she had lost her daughter at the age of 14 when she ran away form home. Mom would get a call once and a while from Alberta, Vancouver, even from the ER once after her daughter OD’d from Heroin. So I told her if she calls again tell her to contact a friend who will put her on a bus and I will pick her up in Montréal.

Well, surprise to me when I saw a young women step out at the Montreal bus terminal in a head to toe leather coat that may have been through the First World War. Big black army boots, blond purple and red hair with deep black eye liner and black lipstick – complete GOTH fashion. Well I decided at that moment I was going to help this 18-year old become the person she wants to be. After six months of daily work and coaching and drilling, bit by bit she shed off layer-by-layer of social and political defenses. When we uncovered the underlying failure and when we rekindled that purpose it was a 180 turn around.

I am proud to say that this was in 1998 and to this day she is still drug free, successful and living with her fiance somewhere in Florida. I felt so much joy and a sense of usefulness to mankind that I made the decision to continue to do this and be the best I can at it from that day onward.”

“The knowledge that I can make a difference in someone’s life and do so every day I come to Narconon I know I am not coming to “work” but to a challenge, same problem different mask.”

“I was fortunate to be trained as a Narconon Case Supervisor and now have the responsibility to deliver this amazing technology to others” – Marc Bernard

Marc has been involved in helping people beat addictions from some time.  He has seen what other programs can do, but has also seen many people coming to Narconon whom have been through everything else.  Marc explains the advantages of the Narconon program. “I think the biggest advantage is that Narconon’s philosophy starts with the idea that addiction is neither a disease nor a chemical imbalance, but the inability to cope with life situations and the lack of proper know-how to deal with various issues that one must face every day. There is a phrase “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” but to live such a phrase you either have faith or know-how.

If you have neither than you tend to search until you find something that will ease that unwanted condition. Drugs tend to numb the person sufficiently that they forget their condition temporarily until the drug wears off, and then the condition is back again, usually more apparent than before. Narconon helps people build their ability to face life and deal with their condition and give the person tools and formulas and actual practical actions to overcome these issues. The whole process of the Narconon Program is to ‘rehabilitate’ meaning bring back to a former ability, in this case without drugs.”

“Take away the demand and there is no profit, no use, no one wants it…”

Marc has seen what drugs do; he has seen the destruction they cause when introduced to cities, communities, and neighborhoods.  Marc believes that at some point, not his lifetime or probably even the next, a drug free Canada is possible. “I actually do think it’s possible. Will it be done in my lifetime? Maybe not but if the torch is passed on to a new generation who care and are willing to put in the time and compassion, well yes, it can be done. My viewpoint on this large scale issue is not to take out the drug dealer or the kingpin supplier, this has not worked in the past because there is always someone else to take over the boots. Why? Demand, if the demand is there someone will fill it.

BUT, take away the demand and there is no profit, no use, no one wants it. A perfect example is why can we not sell millions of vinyl records? No one wants them, why? Because new technology has outgrown the use of vinyl, no demand = no sale. Narconon Drug Rehabilitation is a new technology to give people a sense of pride and know-how to handle life so, why take a line of cocaine when you are actually able to talk to your wife or child and get results. One person at a time, but this is exponential, the idea gets into schools, groups, gatherings, festivities, etc. society will begin to say “NO TO DRUGS” more and more and eventually there will be a drug free earth.”

What is the future for Narconon Trois-Rivières and individuals like Marc Bernard? The overall goal is to set up referral offices across Canada and to have First Step programs equally spread from coast to coast. As a delivery center the overall goal is to have three delivery zones in Trois-Rivières, English speaking programs, French speaking programs and a staff training sector to spread Narconon technology from British Columbia to Newfoundland and everywhere in between.

Narconon Trois-Rivieres Director Marc Bernard

Marc Bernard welcoming students at Narconon Trois-Rivieres

People are dying every day, families are losing their loved ones, and drugs are flooding the streets, all while someone sits back and makes money.  When do we say enough is enough, when does society come together and make a difference?  Marc Bernard is just one man, but has a dedication and a purpose to honestly change a person’s life; to change societies viewpoint.  It starts with just one person to initiate a positive change and it will explode to changing the lives of thousands.

“Drug and Alcohol addiction IS a social problem the time for talking is over, its now time to DO something about it and the Narconon network is doing just that around the world every day.” – Marc Bernard