Narconon Program

There is a ray of hope amid the despair that is drug and/or alcohol abuse. Once the myths are dispelled and the facts known, the Narconon program stands out among the rest. The reason they do is because their methods work, plain and simple. Their rehab programs average a 70-80% success rate, and graduates laud their program and methods. There is no great mystery, and no secret to the Narconon program; only success.

L. Ron Hubbard Help

Narconon was founded not by L. Ron Hubbard, but by an Arizona State prisoner by the name of William Benitez. He based the program on the positive approach outlined by Hubbard that focuses on identifying the abilities needed for constructive survival in society, rather than focusing on the negative of the disabilities attributed to the individual.

L. Ron Hubbard was of great assistance to William Benitez at the beginning of the Narconon program. The Narconon program is based on the research and developments by L. Ron Hubbard in the field of drug rehabilitation and prevention. Hubbard was a realist, humanitarian and philosopher who helped Benitez constitute the Narconon rehabilitation model. Using the research and the workable knowledge of L. Ron Hubbard, Benitez began the Narconon program as it is known today.

Detoxification and Sauna

Narconon sauna installations

Narconon sauna installations

With the Narconon Program, 1/3 of the treatment consists of ridding the body totally of drugs, without substitute drugs. They incorporate the use of a specially designed sauna, in which students spend intermittent sauna intervals gradually up to 4 ½ hours period.

The sauna program are closely monitored by trained staff, and students are given plenty of water, supplements and salts to avoid any side effects. The Narconon Program has used this method for decades, and it has proven to be successful. The sauna removes chemicals and traces of the drug that remain in the fatty tissue of the body.

Narconon Rationality

Unlike most rehabilitation methods, the Narconon program does not support the theory of addiction being a “disease of the brain”. Addiction is not a disease which must be treated with the use of drugs, but rather a process by which the body and mind have been poisoned due to chemical interference. This is one of the major differences of Narconon, and also one of the reasons it is so successful.

Behavioral changes, rather than “medical therapy” are what are needed to turn addiction around. Ridding the body of the offending drug, and educating the individual about lifestyle changes does much more to end addiction than any substitute drug could ever do. Narconon does not promote the helplessness theory of the addict, as other programs may unfortunately do. They believe that an addict has the power, with the right education and tools, to end the addiction and take control of their lives.

The Eight Steps of Narconon

It should be noted that the Narconon program does not utilize the 12 step program. While in rehab, however, they use eight steps in recovery that have proven to be highly successful in arming the individuals with the tools they need to return to society armed with knowledge and education. The students (individuals at Narconon are not referred to as patients, but students) learn to accept responsibility for the acts they committed while under the influence of drugs.

Moreover, the students learn effective ways to communicate and deal with stressors in ways that do not involve drugs. These eight steps include a course on “learning how to learn” which helps the students to overcome barriers to learning what they need to know to become drug free. These are not courses that promote dependence on anyone, or anything other than the student.

Narconon’s Vast Educational System

The Narconon program actually enables and strengthens individuals who have lived as addicts. In effect, they are taught non-dysfunctional thinking and behavior. Learning social interactions and communication are vital in achieving success outside of the rehabilitation program. One of the aspects of the educational program is learning who is and who is not a friend. Addicts often adopt a dysfunctional lifestyle based on the actions of others who are addicted.

Ethics are also a major part of the Narconon program. Overall, the students are given a complete lifestyle makeover that helps them to become the people they were meant to be, and not mindless addicts. The program is one of empowerment, not dependence. Narconon does not try to change people, but rather help them to become who they are able to become.

One important note is that the Narconon program does not define, or attempt to redefine spirituality for the students. Holistic treatment involves healing in the areas of physical being, mental being and spiritual being. They do not try to change spiritual beliefs, because spirituality is a major part of “who” a person is and the individual makes his own determination. The Narconon program is extensive, and is a long-term project. With everything that is taught through the program, it is no small wonder why graduates proclaim its amazing ability to help end addiction.