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Overlooking the Kathmandu valley, with a spectacular view of the majestic Himalayan Mountains, sits a place of hope and health for individuals in the region who suffer from drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Although official reports are rare, and often contrary, the addiction problem is quite evident throughout Nepal. Basanta Raj Kunwar recognized this problem years ago and brought about an energetic campaign against drugs which ultimately lead to the opening of Narconon Nepal. The current facility is able to house 150 people at a time and has a 70% success rate.

Basanta Kunwar works tirelessly to educate his fellow citizens of the dangers of drugs, but also the hope that is available through the Narconon Nepal program. The once Senior Superintendant for the Chief of Police is now the Executive Director of Narconon Nepal. He and others travel far and wide to offer hope and healing to the many people suffering from drug addiction. Recently, they held a 2 day workshop in Delhi, India. As a result of his efforts, thousands of people have entered the doors of the rehabilitation campus and left drug free.

Narconon Nepal drug addiction

One disturbing statistic noted is that 70% of Nepal’s documented drug addicts are schoolchildren. Sadly, drug addiction in children is often hidden, especially with girls.

The Global Newswire-Nepal has reported that there has been a marked increase in the number of drug addicts in Nepal. Sadly, and connectively, HIV numbers have increased as well, which suggests that Heroin and Opium derivatives, as well as other injectible drugs are being used. The plea for Governmental assistance goes unheeded for the most part. Therefore, the task of reaching out and educating, as well as treating individuals with drug addictions falls on organizations such as Narconon Nepal.

Sadly, there are many entire families in Nepal who are addicted to drugs. This has done major damage to the family unit as a whole in the area. Young people are seeing both of their parents using drugs and often begin using them at a very young age. One disturbing statistic noted is that 70% of Nepal’s documented drug addicts are school children. Sadly, drug addiction in children is often hidden, especially with girls. Families want to attract suitable husbands for their daughters, and drug addiction makes that difficult.

Because of the alarming number of children addicted to drugs, the future of the family unit is in great danger. These children become sexually active, and contract HIV through sexual contact and/or sharing needles. More babies will be born addicted to drugs and/or with HIV. It is literally a situation which could lead the Nepalese society into extinction one day. Narconon Nepal continues to reach out to parents, children and entire families.

According to a study done in 2010, only 12 of the 17 municipalities studied had any type of rehabilitation center. The study also concluded that the age at first drug introduction was 19.7% children under the age of 15, and 53.4% young adults between the ages of 15-19. An incredible 76.2% of drug users take their drug of choice at least twice daily or more. A reported 57.1% of drug users live with both of their parents.

Narconon Nepal hopes to increase the number of people they can serve, since their program is so successful. Given the results of the studies, there is a staggering need for drug addiction treatment in Nepal and surrounding areas. Without treatment, most addicts continue on until they die, which is often directly due to drug use. The problem simply cannot be ignored any longer. As much as Narconon works to reach the people, more help is needed. They want to strengthen the values, economy and family units in Nepal by providing the tools necessary to go from being a drug addict, to living a productive and happy life. It is possible, and the methods used by Narconon have proven successful for decades in other areas of the world.

Reaching out is the first step for those in Nepal with drug addictions. Even friends and family members can contact Narconon for help and information. The future of Nepal is largely dependant on ending drug addiction. Ignoring the problem never makes it go away, and there is no shame in reaching out for help. There is shame, however, in recognizing a problem and doing nothing about it. Find out more about drug addiction in Nepal by contacting Narconon and speaking with one of their caring, professional staff members. The time to act is now.

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