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People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol who consider treatment often have an array of concerns and things on their minds. They may be homeless, jobless, or even in trouble with the courts. The worries facing addicts are only compounded by the addiction itself. Narconon Melbourne understands this and has worked with students, as well as families and courts since they first opened their doors. Narconon realizes that the primary concern should be getting and staying off of drugs. They help to make this a reality by offering assistance in these other areas.

Narconon Australia and Family

It is often family and friends who first reach out for information about rehabilitation. Narconon Melbourne has worked with families, offering information about the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, as well as information on intervention. Interventions have proven to be very successful, and prove that the theory “a drug addict must be the one to reach out for help” is outdated. Another campus in the Narconon network offers helpful information on why some drug interventions fail. Narconon Australia can offer professional assistance in planning and executing a successful intervention.

Narconon Melbourne and the Courts

Narconon and court assigned drug rehab

Court assigned drug rehab with Narconon Melbourne

Narconon has acted as a court liaison for years to help people meet court dates as well as court mandated services. They even offer an assessment and interview from jail for those who voluntarily wish to end their addictions realizing the full weight of their actions. Narconon can also offer an escort to rehabilitation for those who have been court ordered to obtain treatment immediately. Sentencing and appearances can also be arranged while in treatment at Narconon Melbourne. These services help individuals to meet their obligations to society and the court system and still concentrate on ending their addictions.


The Parent Center

According to the Government of South Australia, 85% of children ages 11-17 have tried alcohol. The National Drug Study indicated that in 2008, 92.3% of students aged 11-17 had used drugs. These are numbers which simply cannot be ignored. Narconon Melbourne offers information and help to parents of young people. They offer articles on the latest statistics, as well as on what to look for if you suspect your child is using drugs or alcohol. Parents need up to date information on teen drug and alcohol use, and Narconon provides that.

The Narconon Difference

In actuality, there are many things which set the Narconon program apart from the others. The biggest difference is the success rate, which is very high. Narconon Melbourne, like other Narconon rehab centers, also utilizes a successful detox program which includes a vitamin regimen and use of a specially designed sauna. They offer life skill classes, which unlike 12 step programs, actually teaches students how to live and think drug free. They also have an outstanding after care program which lasts a full year after graduation.

Long Term Program

Beating drug addiction is not something that can happen overnight. Narconon Melbourne offers students a proven successful, long term program designed to prepare them to reenter society. Students can expect to be at the Narconon Australia rehab campus for 3-6 months on average. Because no two people are alike, it is impossible to set an exact time frame on completion of the program. Some even stay longer than 6 months. Addicts must not only rid their body of drugs and/or alcohol, but must relearn life skills such as communication in order to stay drug free long after graduation. Long term programs have proven to be more successful than short term rehabs and programs.

Narconon Reviews

No one can speak more to the success of the Narconon program than the graduates. Reviews and videos have been released which show the dramatically positive effect that Narconon has had on prior drug and alcohol addicts. One very poignant video from Mitch, a Narconon graduate, explains the process used at Narconon and how much of a difference it made it his own life.

Narconon Melbourne offers help and hope to the people of Australia through education and a proven method of rehabilitation. They are a secular organization with no contractual affiliations with any religions. People of all faiths, ages, nationalities and income levels have sought help with Narconon Melbourne and have received it.

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