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Countries in the Mediterranean include some in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The countries that lie along the Mediterranean Sea are heavily infiltrated with drugs, and drug addiction. Many drugs are produced in these areas, so trafficking is big business. People of all income levels, ages, and races are drawn into the dark world of drugs and drug abuse, and there is simply a huge need for help. Narconon Mediterraneo answered that need.

The Mediterraneo Solution
In Sevilla Spain, the Narconon Mediterraneo campus overlooks breathtaking scenery. Unfortunately, this behind the beauty of the area lays a hotbed of drug activity. Not only drugs from other countries, but people from other countries frequent Spain because of the availability of drugs. Cocaine and Cannabis are the most often used and moved drug. Narconon Mediterraneo offers an effective alternative treatment option that is proven successful worldwide. Narconon was one of the few who answered the call for help concerning rehabilitation, and has been well received in the area.

Growing Opiates Problem

Narconon Mediterraneo Opiate Addiction

How can Narconon Mediterraneo help with opiate addiction

There is certainly no shortage of Opiates in the Mediterranean area. The Narconon Mediterraneo facility sees an influx of opiate addicts each day. There has been a significant shift in opiates in the Mediterranean from medicine to menace. Ancient medicine relied heavily on herbs and opiates, and yet addiction was not the public menace it is today. Opiates and other drugs are used for the sole purpose of getting “high” in today’s society. Narconon Mediterraneo offers a drug free, holistic program that enables former users to live happy, healthy lives without the use of drugs. There is an English Website and a Spanish Website with more helpful information.


Drug Education
For many people, particularly those who live along the Mediterranean Sea, drugs are a part of life. It is only through education that the cycle can be broken. Narconon Mediterraneo offers an array of articles and other helpful tools to aid individuals find the help they need to overcome addictions, or help loved ones who are addicted. Narconon is well known for their life classes, which help students, learn about situations and thought processes that can lead to drug use. They also teach students how to “learn to learn”. Those in the Mediterranean could ask for no better help than that of Narconon.

Number of Drug Users
In another publication, Narconon had stated that the number of drug users in the area was approximately a quarter of a million. Of that number, 47% used cocaine, and another 39% used opiates. Not only addicts are affected by the drug use. Husbands/Wives and children of the addicts also suffer. The economy overall becomes more dependent on drugs, and unemployment will inevitably continue to be a problem. In Spain, there are 4 Narconon drug rehabilitation centers that stand ready to help any and all who need it. Education and the reduction of dependence on drugs are key elements in fighting drug addiction around the Mediterranean Sea.

How Narconon Mediterraneo Helps
Detoxification is the first step in any program designed to stop drug addiction. The drug and/or drugs must be removed from the body in order for healing to occur. Narconon uses a scientifically proven method of drug free, holistic detoxification methods including the use of a specially designed sauna and a vitamin and mineral regimen. From there, a series of classes are taught helping the students to take responsibility for their actions, as well as learn to move forward in their personal lives and society without depending on drugs. These classes offer valuable information not taught anywhere else. Students learn to take control of their lives and change their thinking process to a more positive, healthy level.

Narconon Mediterraneo has helped thousands of people reenter society no longer dependent on drugs or drug use. They offer educational materials, as well as phone consultations to help those who want more information. They have long been a leader in the fight against drug use and will continue to help anyone who needs it. Besides the 4 centers in Spain, there are dozens of facilities worldwide that offer individual treatment for any and all types of drugs, including alcohol. Help is only as far away as the phone.

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