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Italy is well known for many wonderful things, such as culture, history, natural beauty and more. Sadly, it is also becoming known for something not so wonderful; Oxycontin and other drugs. While it is certainly not the only drug used and abused in Italy, it is a growing problem. Some forms of Oxy are marketed in Italy, which means that the drug is readily available. With illicit drugs being decriminalized in Portugal, addiction is certain to become more of a problem.

Narconon began serving the people of Gabbiano in 1992, and is known as Narconon Top. The need for a successful, drug free rehabilitation program became even more evident when they had to move into a bigger facility, and later into another. They are now able to house 100 individuals at a time, helping them to break free from drug addiction. Regardless of the drug of choice, Narconon Gabbiano is able to provide help.

Oxycontin prescription

Oxyconin addiction often starts with a prescription.

Oxycontin, an opioid drug that is related to Heroin, began making the scene on Italy at the same time it did elsewhere, in the 1970’s. Since that time, Italy has seen an increase in the use, abuse, and addiction of OxyContin. Making the problem worse, the drug is readily available not only by prescription, but on the streets. The Drug Cartels were quick to pick up on the popularity of the drug and utilized it to turn a bigger profit. Though many believe the problem is not as wide spread as it is in North America, it is a problem none-the-less.

OxyContin consumption causes a very pleasurable euphoric feeling. For many, that is what leads to addiction. The pleasurable feeling instantly outweighs the pain relieving qualities of the drug. Oxy addiction is quick and devastating. Like heroin, OxyContin can completely overtake a person’s life and ruin it in the process. Italy is not immune to the consumption and abuse of Oxycontin. It is important to note warning signs of the drug, to help spot any possible addictions.

Narconon provides an array of information on many different drugs, including Oxycontin. They hope to educate people on what to look for, so loved ones can seek help. Oxyconin addiction often starts with a prescription. When the pleasurable effects of the drug are noted, the individual will begin taking more drug than what is prescribed. They also may begin to crush the pill in order to snort it, or mix with a liquid to inject it. The first major indication is withdrawal from family activities.

Because Oxy addicts crave more and more of the drug, they need to find a supply. This often leads them to street pharms, or drug dealers. This becomes very expensive, so stealing becomes commonplace for Oxy addicts. They also will begin to have temper flairs, sometimes violent, when they do not have ready access to the drug. People who used to be responsible, and trustworthy become liars and thieves. In short, they become completely different people.

Anyone who suspects a friend or loved one may have an addiction to OxyContin, or any drug, is welcome to contact Narconon Gabbiano. They can provide information, as well as a proven successful drug rehabilitation program. Narconon uses a drug free, holistic approach to drug rehabilitation, and this particlar Narconon has had over 1,000 graduates of the program out of the tens of thousands worldwide. They believe that overcoming addiction, even Oxy addiction, is not only possible, but likely with the assistance of the Narconon  method.

The Narconon Campus is beautiful. It is located at Torre dell’Orso in the beautiful region of Salento. There is a swimming pool, sauna, and exercise equipment which all help with detoxification and rehabilitation. Narconon does not simply want to end the current addiction, but provide the tools necessary to remain drug free throughout life. All of this grew from a graduate of Narconon who started a program in 1992 out of a small apartment, which they soon outgrew.

Any addiction is painful, not only for the person who is addicted, but for family, friends and loved ones as well. Entire communities are affected in a number of ways. Addiction can be stopped, and Narconon is here to help. With their high success rate and proven methods, addicts can go on to lead happy and healthy lives after graduating from the program. They are available to answer any questions you may have about addiction and/or treatment.

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