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Narconon Colorado motto is; "A Life Worth Saving". Drug addiction changes people in so many ways. Their appearance, values, lifestyle and even morals are changed when in the grip of drug and/or alcohol addiction.

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Drug and alcohol statistics nationwide are staggering. Sadly, even amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is no exception. Statistics don’t lie, and they spoke volumes for the report done for 2008 concerning Colorado’s drug problem. The Substance Abuse Treatment Statistics showed that in that year, people ranging in age from 11-60+ were admitted for substance abuse treatment. The substances used ranged from Marijuana to Meth, and everything in between. It is important to note that for every addict who was admitted to a treatment facility, there are several who were not. Those who chose Narconon Colorado for treatment had an average of 3 out 4 chances for success on a long term basis.

The Narconon Colorado facility has a very high success rate. That is the highest in the industry. Using a program of holistic, alternative and drug free detoxification and a proven series of classes, students come out of the facility armed with the knowledge they need to start a healthy, happy and productive life, all drug free.

Narconon Colorado conducts/delivers the Narconon program in its four important phases;

  • Narconon Colorado holistic treatmentPhase I – New Life Detox program. Using an alternative method of detoxification, using no drugs, a dry sauna treatment plan is implemented which draws out toxins (and traces of drugs remaining in tissues) out of the body.
  • Phase II – Social educational programs are used to help the student formulate goals, communicate effectively, and practice and improve self control.
  • Phase III – Programs which increase self esteem and create meaningful values are taught.
  • Phase IV – An intensive discharge plan is formulated involving the student and the staff of Narconon Colorado to determine the best chance of long term success.

This plan has been used for over four decades and is one of the reasons the success rate is so high. These phases fully address the issues of addiction as well as the lifestyles of the students involved in the program. Students are also given a course on improving learning techniques, which is in essence Learning how to Learn. Students leave the facility with a better understanding of who they are, and what led to the addiction in the first place. They also are better able to understand themselves, and others, as well as use much improved communication skills.

Narconon Colorado is a long term treatment facility. On average, students can expect to be at the campus for 3-6 months. However, some are able to leave earlier, and some stay longer. The length of stay is determined by the needs of the student and the assessments of the staff. Basically, students stay as long as it takes to feel ready to rejoin the outside world and begin a new life. The cost does not increase depending on the length of time the student stays. Treatments are on a fixed rate.

Their motto is; “A Life Worth Saving”. Drug addiction changes people in so many ways. Their appearance, values, lifestyle and even morals are changed when in the grip of drug and/or alcohol addiction. Regardless of what a person has become due to the addictions, deep down, there is usually a good and productive individual yearning to get out. No one is beyond saving. No one is beyond help, and no one is unable to be saved. The addict (former addict) eventually sees that first glimpse of who they once were, as well as who they want to become. With the help of the caring, professional staff and the proven treatment program, that can be a reality.

Narconon Colorado offers information on the basics of illicit drugs (and alcohol), the warning signs, as well as what to do if you suspect an addiction in a loved one. They believe that education and intervention are necessary not only to stop addictions that have already begun, but also prevent them from happening at all.

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