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Few people think of Colombia without thinking of Cocaine. It’s a sad fact, but true. There are so many wonderful things, and people in the country which should come to mind first. The drug problem in Colombia is certainly nothing new. Cannabis has been cultivated on the rich soil for hundreds of years, shortly after Colombia gained freedom from Spain. Interestingly, this only began to cause wide spread problems when the drug Cartels moved in. Today, many Colombians suffer from addiction to cocaine and other drugs, leaving them, their families and their community in shambles.

Narconon opened their doors to the Colombian community in 1996, in the hills outside of Santa Fe Bogotá, Colombia. The renowned rehab center had and does fill a growing need in a country consumed by drug addiction. Their aim is to not only curb cocaine and drug addiction in the area, but to eradicate it. Narconon has a very high success rate in that facility and is working toward improving the odds even more. In a country besieged by drugs, people have the right to live happy and healthy lives.

According to Colombia Reports (in 2008) reported that in a survey done that year, 541,000 had consumed illicit drugs “recently”. Marijuana is actually the drug of choice by Colombians, but followed closely by cocaine. More men consume drugs than women (1.2%-4.5% respectively), and people ages 18-24 consume the most drugs, followed by those aged 25-34 and 34-44. The upper class, surprisingly, partake of illicit drugs the most, at 4.2%. The lower class weighs in at 2.4%.

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Sadly, drug trafficking is a major source of income for the country, which makes escaping the element difficult, but not impossible.

While the numbers are probably smaller than most people would imaging, the effects of drug addiction are devastating. Sadly, drug trafficking is a major source of income for the country, which makes escaping the element difficult, but not impossible. Millions of citizens manage to live lives free of drugs, despite the activities of the Cartels. Those who do become addicted can also break free of the life of drugs and maintain a saner, responsible lifestyle. Narconon helps them to achieve that.

The Narconon Columbia campus is located in Bogotá, a lovely area nestled in the hills. Their long term residential program boasts a 3 out of 4 success rate using holistic, proven methods of rehabilitation. Drug addiction encompasses a person mentally, spiritually and physically, which is how it must be treated. The program is based on a method that has been in use in the United States for decades. It is proven successful, and graduates laud the Narconon program as being the best available.

Since marijuana consumption is the biggest problem in Colombia, let’s examine the effects of this widely used drug. During a “high”, marijuana causes distorted perceptions and impaired coordination. The NIH reports that while these effects can be dangerous, prolonged use can affect the learning ability of the user. Use of marijuana also impairs memory; some studies say it can last long term. Marijuana has been associated with bouts of anxiety, depression and even schizophrenia.

The younger a person starts smoking marijuana, the more pronounced the problems can be later in life. That is not to say, however, that those who start later in life won’t be effected. The short term effects are dangerous as well. Marijuana can increase heart rate from 20%-100% immediately after consumption. The chances of a heart attack increase 4.8 fold in the first hour after smoking marijuana. Marijuana also contains 50-70 percent more cancerous hydrocarbons than do tobacco cigarettes.

Cocaine, the second most consumed drug in Colombia also has a set of dangerous consequences. It can be smoked, snorted or injected, and none of those methods are without danger. Cocaine affects the central nervous system in a much stronger way than marijuana. It produces a very euphoric feeling and also can increase energy and activity. The down side to this addictive drug includes increased chance of heart attack, stroke, and seizures. For those who inject the drug, there is a much higher incidence of HIV infection.

Narconon Colombia provides citizens of Colombia a proven method for not only clearing the body of drugs, but arming the addict with the tools needed to move forward in life without drugs. They also provide Public Service Announcements and offer information for addicts, as well as loved ones and friends of addicts. Narconon cares about the people of Colombia, and want to help them promote a healthy community, drug free.

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