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One of the largest of the Narconon network is the Narconon Oklahoma facility, known as Narconon Arrowhead. They boast a very high success rate using the alternative treatment combination used by all Narconon campuses. Licensed with the Department of Mental Health, and certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the facility has gained respect and recognition through the years.

Drug Related Deaths

In 2008, 448 people died from drug related causes in January-September alone. Prescription drugs were named as the chief contributor to most of these deaths. Not only is death resulting from Meth use high, since Oklahoma is a major producer of Meth, but prescription drug abuse and addiction are causing more deaths as well. Aside from those who die as a result of using the drugs, many people who often go unaccounted for die as a result of accidents and other incidents caused by those who have been using drugs.

Arrowhead Campus

Narconon Arrowhead stands ready to help anyone who is affected by drug and/or alcohol abuse. They understand how and why people become addicted and have proven methods to end those addictions. They offer a long term, residential program at a beautiful, state of the art facility in Oklahoma. Utilizing the methods used by all Narconon facilities, they utilize specially built saunas and other drug free methods to overcome withdrawal symptoms before moving on to highly successful life classes designed to help students relearn values and gain self esteem and communication skills, among other things.

Narconon Arrowhead and Education

The rapidly growing drug epidemic in America can no longer be ignored. Along with Narconon International, the Arrowhead campus offers helpful information on a variety of topics concerning drug and alcohol. Not only addicts, but families, friends, teachers, coworkers and others have found useful information on drugs, alcohol and addiction. Anyone is free to visit their website to get information, and is welcome to do so.

The Narconon Program

Narconon Arrowhead Sauna

The program incorporates the use of a specially designed sauna for detoxification, and a series of classes designed to teach students self esteem, communication, and lifestyle changes.

The Narconon program, used by Narconon Oklahoma, uses the methodology discovered by L. Ron Hubbard and brought into existence by William Benitez, a former Arizona inmate who had used the program to break free from drug addiction. The program incorporates the use of a specially designed sauna for detoxification, and a series of classes designed to teach students self esteem, communication, and lifestyle changes.

Drug Use and Youth

In 2007, 45% of Oklahoma 12th graders admitted to having tried drugs, according to a White House Study. That is the age group which is the fastest growing drug addicts in the nation. Even those who are now adults and have addictions, many have admitted they started using drugs and alcohol in high school. Left unattended, Oklahoma youth of this generation could be having the highest population of drug users in history.

Success Stories

Narconon Arrowhead has many gleaming testimonials from the very people they helped to break free from drugs. Story after story, such as one given by Patricia M, or one by Anthony, show just how common it is to become addicted, and also just how beneficial Narconon Arrowhead was in saving their lives. It is worth repeating that 70% of their graduates remain drug and alcohol free even after 2 years. Narconon works because it teaches long term survival skills, and does not just apply a band-aid treatment to their students.

Who Narconon Arrowhead Helps

The Narconon Oklahoma facility naturally helps people of Oklahoma, but also those from around the country, and around the world. Because this amazing program is not yet available in all States, many people turn to the Arrowhead facility for treatment. Some have come from across the world to this beautiful, highly successful campus simply for personal reasons. Narconon Arrowhead has gained attention as being a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center worldwide.

The good works done by Narconon Arrowhead are best summed up by the graduates, but they also have many commendations due to their outstanding work in Oklahoma. This particular facility also offers Executive services for those who need to continue running a business while beating their drug or alcohol habit. Help from Narconon Arrowhead is only a phone call away.

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