Five Tips to a Healthy Life

Five Tips to a Healthy Life

The time following rehab can be a precarious one, and it often means a higher risk of relapse.  On the other hand, those who have been clean for longer than a decade say that what got them through it was a complete lifestyle change.  A key part of this is transforming unhealthy habits and focusing more on your body’s well-being.  Here are five tips to a healthy life to help you during this crucial time.

Take Baby Steps if You Have To

For many people making a lifestyle change, the idea of doing a complete overhaul is too overwhelming to bear.  In many ways, trying to tackle everything at once can be detrimental.  To go from a sedentary lifestyle to running marathons will assuredly put your body into a state of shock.  Once you recover, your old lifestyle will probably look better than ever.

Rather than drowning yourself in the endless cycle of determination-frustration-disappointment-hopelessness, approach your journey to health as a mountain-climbing adventure.  Don’t attempt a steep incline until you are ready for it; take the change one step at a time.  At each plateau, look back and give yourself a pat on the back; then continue with your eye on the summit.

Determine Your Motive Beforehand

In order to reach your goal, you must name one in the first place.  Envision yourself at the end of your change–in which state would you like to be?  Perhaps you want to lose weight.  Maybe you crave more muscle mass.  Perhaps you wish to cut out certain foods from your diet–sugar, for example–and fill it with nutritionally-dense foods.  This is not going to happen overnight.  As the body adjusts to this new direction, you may even experience discomfort.  If you keep your eye on your goal, it will be far easier to make it through the tough times.

Get Active With Something That Inspires You 

We all have our own interests.  What excites you?  Is it the idea of running farther than you ever have before?  Are you provoked by the idea of a triathlon?  Do you prefer the beauty of nature and the idea of a good, long hike through the woods?  Do you love the artistic expression of dance?  If you have never considered this before, it is a good idea to try a variety of activities before settling on one or two that you wish to become expert at.  Once you find the exercise that makes you eager to get out of bed in the morning and makes you look forward to your time doing it, then delve headfirst into that.

Record All Your Changes 

Many people love to keep a journal of their dietary habits and exercise routines.  Some prefer a more concise approach and merely jot a few notes in a daily planner as they go along.  Regardless of your method, it is a good idea to record your journey to health as this allows you to step back periodically and reflect on the old “you”, determine whether or not you are making the progress you want, and set new goals as you go along.

Get Support 

As in all things, the journey to health is always easier with a partner.  Find a friend or a loved one who is interested in making a similar lifestyle change, and invite them to join you in your daily exercise routine or dietary changes.  You can update each other, provide encouragement, and enjoy each other’s company as you exercise.

And most importantly, stay away from those things that deter one from living a healthy life; primarily drugs and alcohol. Keep these substances away from yourself and guard against use by friends and family members. Make sure you are educated on their dangers as well as the signs of use. If you see someone using drugs take immediate action to get them the right kind of help. Contact us today on our Twitter Page at so that we can provide you with more information on drugs, addiction and treatment.