What Are The Security Precautions to Keep Drugs Out of Rehab

What Are The Security Precautions to Keep Drugs Out of Rehab

One of the biggest problems that a person faces when trying to quit using drugs is the fact that he or she may continue to be offered drugs by “friends” who have no interest in seeing the person get sober. Some of these people may be the people with whom the addict has normally spent time getting high, and they may simply not realize how important it is for the person to quit. In other cases, it is the addict’s drug dealer, who is anxious to avoid losing a loyal customer. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to go to rehab. Rehab offers an environment where an addict can distance himself or herself from the source of drugs and spend time focusing on recovery without the added challenge of having to struggle to resist the temptation to take another hit and get high “just one more time.” This is, at least, what rehab is supposed to offer. Unfortunately, this is not always the case: Drugs often do find their way into a rehab center, and the consequences of this can be disastrous.

In the summer of this year, Lindsay Lohan made news when it was announced that she was again checking into rehab following an arrest stemming from her well-publicized substance abuse. Ms. Lohan entered treatment at the world-famous Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, CA, and at first everything seemed to be progressing as expected. Not long after she checked into the Betty Ford Center, however, Lohan was reported to be departing the center in a hurry and heading to another rehab center in Malibu to complete her treatment. The reason for Ms. Lohan’s flight from the Betty Ford Center was stated to be the fact that several other patients had been getting high on pills that had been smuggled into the facility; Ms. Lohan wished to avoid a relapse and decided that it was too risky for her to stay. USA Today recently carried a report which featured a story similar to Ms. Lohan’s, in which another patient at the Betty Ford Center made multiple tearful pleas for help after witnessing other patients using heroin that had been snuck in, before she finally yielded to temptation herself and got high. According to the USA Today report, what has been happening at the Betty Ford Center is not an isolated situation but is, in fact, a widespread problem at rehab centers across the nation.

Methods to Sneak Drugs into Rehab — and to Keep Them Out

Some patients continue to use drugs that are smuggled in by family members, friends former drug dealers, or even by unscrupulous employees of the center. Some of the ways that the drugs are snuck in are quite ingenious, from hiding them in shampoo bottles or the pockets of clothes in luggage, to concealing pills in the seams of dress shirts and even stuffing drugs in a tennis ball and bouncing it up into dormitory windows. In response to this problem, many rehab centers are implementing security measures to keep the drugs out, with examples including:

  • Weekly drug tests for patients and staff
  • Exhaustive background checks on employees
  • Drug sniffing dogs
  • Baggage searches
  • Requiring new patients to strip down for a search before entering the facility

Of course, the problem of sneaking drugs into rehab centers is not universal, and some places have more issues than others. It is important, however, to select a rehab center that has provisions in place to keep drugs out and to detect the signs of use among patients. Otherwise, all of the work put into rehab, and the money paid for the service, can go to waste in a single moment when a patient is offered drugs and decides to accept.