Can Someone Truly Recover from Cocaine Addiction

Can Someone Truly Recover from Cocaine Addiction

Most people like to be able to do things. Whether it’s play video games, go for a swim, or hike up Mount Everest, there are certain activities or actions that each person has, whether he actually does them or just thinks about doing them.

With people’s preference being the ability to do, they tend to not like it when they are told that they can’t. You’re probably familiar with that feeling since childhood. “You can’t watch that movie;” “you can’t eat that unwrapped candy from the ground;” “you can’t go to that party;” “you can’t stay out that late.”

As an adult, you might have expected to be free from this. You get to choose what you can and can’t do know, right? Isn’t that the point of being an adult, getting to live and make decisions for yourself? Theoretically, yes. And you do get to make many decisions for yourself. Yet, there are still people and studies that tell you that you can’t do things. 

Can’t Fully Recover

For example, some researchers say that you can never really recover from drug or alcohol addiction. This research is based on how drugs (cocaine was used for this experiment) work and some observations about how they affect your brain. First off, drugs work by altering the quantity or kind of chemical released in your brain. Sometimes the drugs can imitate your natural chemicals. And according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, after extended drug use, your brain will stop making the natural chemicals that it needs and becomes dependent on the drugs to produce the chemicals. Based on a study of about 120 people who were healthy non-users, current users, and users that had been clean for an average of four years, brain activity was pretty similar between the current and former users. This lead to the conclusion that you can only recover partially from drug dependence. You can’t fully recover.

Is This a Myth

Not to worry; other studies show that this is not true.

In fact in an article by CNN it is noted that Adi Jaffe, an addiction psychologist and researcher, said that this is simply a myth. He said that though the drugs can be very difficult to get away from, and certainly can affect your brain while being used, it is also possible to handle this and that the drugs in no way leave the person being “damaged goods.”

Jaffe also disclaimed other rumors about drugs, such as there is an ‘addiction gene,’ which basically means that you will or won’t be an addict based on your parents; that marijuana is a gateway drug; ‘once an addict, always an addict;’ and that you have to hit rock bottom in order to get help.

When it Comes to Addiction -The Fact Is

The truth is, an addict doesn’t even have to wait for, seek, or get help. According to Scientific American, most addicts are able to handle their addiction without professional help. It takes a lot of motivation, but it is possible. There are definite advantages to going to a program and receiving the support that you can get through a help source, but it isn’t necessary toward handling your addiction. Getting professional help can also allow you to better tackle the problems that led to your addiction in the first place. Each person has a different ability to handle his problems. It doesn’t mean that one person is worse than another because he can’t handle his addiction alone. Withdrawal can be harder for some than others. So while some may not need help, some may need it. It entirely depends on the person, but it is possible for anyone.