Quitting Pain Medication

Quitting Pain Medication

painA good upbringing, education and even an apparently happy, satisfying life is no guarantee against drug abuse.  Even individuals who promise themselves that drug abuse will never happen to them can often stumble onto the path of addiction when trying to cope with the difficulties of life. The abuse of pain medication has become increasingly common as individuals seek ways to numb or shut off stress or anxiety that arises in their life.  Many individuals are unaware of the fact that pain medication can be as addictive or dangerous as illicit drugs, and foresee no harm in simply taking more than the recommended dosage amount in order to take the edge off life. 

A Story of Pain Medication Abuse and Recovery

Liberty had what most would agree was a very happy, satisfying life.  She was well-educated, having graduated from high school and college.  She had raised a family of four wonderful children and had no outwardly obvious reason to be unhappy.  However, Liberty struggled with difficult and painful emotions, and began to abuse her pain medication in order to feel better.  With this simple action the demon of addiction was summoned.

Not unlike other substance abusers, Liberty desired to resolve her addiction to pain medication but was unable to do so on her own.  The very mechanics of drug addiction include a physical dependence on the chemicals that once interrupted the body’s normal functions and are now considered to be part of the body’s normal operation.  While the individual may desperately wish to be free from their addiction, the body’s cravings for more of the drug chemicals do not permit it.  Liberty needed help, and she found it through her family.

Liberty’s family found out about Narconon Arrowhead, a residential treatment facility with a very thorough and detailed rehabilitation program that is designed to help the individual fully address all the causes and effects of their drug use.  Liberty was able to withdraw from the use of pain medication without the assistance of substitute medications and through the care and encouragement of the highly trained Narconon Arrowhead staff.  No matter the treatment program, the support of family members or friends or the will of the individual, drug withdrawal is not easy.  Liberty feels that it was because of the Narconon Arrowhead staff that she was able to get through the difficult times and make it onto the next steps of her program.

Without locating and resolving the underlying cause for her drug abuse, Liberty was unlikely to maintain her sobriety well into the future.  Through counseling at Narconon Arrowhead, Liberty was able to discover for herself exactly why she had begun to abuse her pain medication and take responsibility for her choices.  Finally ridding herself of the guilt associated with drug addiction, Liberty was ready to let go of her past and move forward into her future.

The Narconon life skills courses gave Liberty the tools she needed in order to take on life, build a strong future, and resolve any challenges or difficulties that may arise.  Finally possessed of solutions that worked to fully handle problems, Liberty understood that there would never be a future need to use drugs in order to numb sensations or emotions.

Liberty felt she made many positive changes during her Narconon program.  Among other things, Liberty regained her self-respect and her positive outlook on life.  She is grateful to her family for supporting her through every step of her program, refusing to give up on Liberty even when things looked bleak.  She is immensely thankful to Narconon Arrowhead for helping her take her life back from the demon of addiction.