Why A Positive Attitude Can Aid In Treatment And Recovery

Why A Positive Attitude Can Aid In Treatment And Recovery

Girl SmilingDrug addiction and its physical and mental cravings can be overwhelming and often terrifying. This is one reason that it is so important to seek help; fear is not very conducive to recovery. It is through the help of family, friends and addiction experts that addicts recover and go on to live drug-free lives.

Even so, many people suffering from drug addiction don’t seek the help they need. A survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that there are more than 23 million people in the United States suffering from addiction, yet less than ten percent of them don’t seek help.

The Importance of a Positive Attitude in Treatment and Recovery

A negative attitude is a trademark of active addiction. Denial, blame and regret are all part of the emotional roller coaster that is addiction. The catch-22 is that the user takes drugs to escape his painful emotions, so it becomes a never-ending ride.

During treatment and recovery from drug addiction, painful emotions are nearly inevitable. Withdrawal causes grief, exhaustion, frustration, hopelessness, and a slew of other emotions as the body pushes the toxins out and adjusts. Vitamins and minerals can help, as many such problems are the result of nutrient deficiencies, and it is vital to get enough sleep and eat healthy, high-protein meals. However, when memories hit or a wave of emotion takes over, it is the addict’s attitude that will get him through.

A recovering addict must maintain a positive attitude during treatment and recovery. He must understand what is going on and rise above his emotions. In the back of his mind should be the thought that he will make it through, thousands have done so and he will not give up.

A positive attitude is one of the major factors that gets addicts through their treatment and back to sobriety.

Narconon Discusses Receiving Help

Family and friends play a key role in treatment and recovery. An addict’s loved ones provide support and encouragement, which are vital to someone mired in the depths of depression. In fact, anyone around an addict during treatment must maintain a positive attitude or be removed from the vicinity.

Inpatient visitors often receive a great deal of relief when they are removed from their environment. Not only are they able to separate themselves from the place and people that reminded them of drugs, addiction experts and other understanding people are on call at any time of the day. It is often the support from other addicts who have cleaned up that aids recovery, as addicts feel understood and heartened that someone else made it through.

What To Do After Treatment

Even when treatment is over and the addict returns to his life, he is still a recovering addict. Some addicts continue the recovery process for the rest of their lives. It is vital that he return home to a group of supportive friends, family and co-workers. If they have confidence in him and his ability to fully recover, he will, too.

The goal with any addiction is to stop the drug use and return the person to society as a productive and ethical member. For more information on how to help someone through Narconon treatment contact us now.

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