Patient Saves Marriage After Recovering From Addiction at Narconon

Patient Saves Marriage After Recovering From Addiction at Narconon

saved marriageMarriage is not unlike life itself – full of challenges and hard times, as well as periods of great happiness and rewards.  While it is not unusual for married couples to have disagreements with one another, it is how they address and resolve these disagreements that can determine whether their marriage is working or failing.  Some of the basic and vital components of a successful, happy marriage include trust, support, understanding and good communication.  Occasionally difficulties encountered in a marriage may take time and commitment to resolve, others may be overcome more quickly.  But no matter the difficulties some married individuals may encounter in their relationship, nothing can destroy a marriage quite as thoroughly or quickly as drug use.

The Effect of Drugs on a Marriage

Drugs are chemicals that are designed to interrupt, alter or suppress the normal functions of the body.  Many drugs work to block certain receptors in the brain, numbing certain sensations while elevating the sense of pleasure.  Individuals take drugs for this exact reason – they want to numb unwanted sensations and experience a sort of relief or euphoric high.  There can be a variety of reasons why an individual chooses to take drugs, ranging anywhere from physical discomfort or pain to financial stress, loss of job, emotional discomfort or more.  Much like a bandaid does nothing to heal a broken bone, drugs simply cover the problem temporarily and take no steps toward resolving it.

Once the initial effects of a drug wears off, the individual is once again faced with the life problem that caused them to take drugs in the first place.  They desire to feel that same relief and euphoric high again, and take more drugs.  The body becomes used to and tolerant of the foreign drug chemicals, forcing the individual to take larger doses or more potent drugs to achieve the desired effects.  A physical dependence is also developed, and the individual may want to discontinue their drug use but cannot fight the physical cravings.

Where once the individual took drugs because he wanted to, he soon finds that he is taking drugs because he is certain he needs to.  The physical drive and urge to keep drugs in his system will cause him to do anything and everything to acquire more drugs.  He alienates his family and friends, ignores favorite activities and surrenders his job and possessions, all to maintain his drug habit.

Individuals who are fully trapped in drug addiction are not above stealing, lying or deceiving others, even their loved ones, if it gains them access to more drugs.  Marriages cannot survive when one party to the marriage cares only for himself and is willing to steal from, lie to or deceive their spouse in order to obtain more drugs.

Robert’s Story of Rehabilitation

Robert came to Narconon Arrowhead a complete mess.  His only goal in life was to get  and stay high.  He didn’t even care about himself, let alone his family or friends.  He was slowly losing everything he had once held dear and his wife had filed for a divorce.  It was his mother who saved his life by finding Narconon and enrolling him in the program there.

The Narconon staff were kind and considerate, helping Robert overcome the many physical and mental causes and effects of his drug use.  He learned about the truth behind addiction and took responsibility for his drug use.  He also learned valuable life skills that enabled him to move forward without relapsing into drug use in the future.

Robert says that thanks to Narconon he is a changed person.  He is healthy and has the desire to live a full life again.  He repaired his relationships with his family and with his wife, and was even able to get his old job back.  Where drugs had destroyed his hope of a happy, healthy life and future, Robert now knows that he has what it takes to live a happy, prosperous life and maintain a successful marriage.