Narconon Shows How to Measure Recovery

Narconon Shows How to Measure Recovery

Guy SmilingThe Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently defined recovery as follows: “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” This well-rounded definition gives treatment experts everywhere a clearly defined goal for all addicts undergoing treatment—but how is recovery to be measured? What components of treatment can be later analyzed to determine success?

The Narconon Steps

Each of the steps on the Narconon program are called “Books.” Once the Withdrawal step has been completed, students move progressively at their own pace on Books 1 through 8, beginning with Communication Skills. The importance of communication is stressed at various points throughout the Narconon Program, because it is such a basic yet vital skill for purposeful and successful living.

Returning to school, holding a steady job or choosing a career path all begins with effective communication. Further, communication is a keystone in the establishment of new relationships and the mending of old ones. One of the primary treatment philosophies at Narconon is the importance of physical health and well-being. Holistic wellness, natural foods and the use of vitamins and minerals to treat deficiencies are prominent parts of the program.

The Narconon sauna detox step (the New Life Detoxification Program) eradicates residual drug and alcohol deposits lodged in the tissues of the body. These important steps toward overall health are critical in achieving well-rounded recovery goals. Additional program steps include Life Skills courses, which cover:

• Choosing the right friends.

• Resolving or bettering situations

• Adapting an environment to your needs

• General life guidelines and morals

• The subjects of personal ethics and integrity

• Resolving conflicts with family and friends

• Making amends for past wrongdoing

How is Successful Recovery Measured

Recovery is an individual journey. No two people can truly have the exact same battle with substance abuse, hence why we take such an individual approach to treating addiction. Throughout each stage of the Narconon program, students tackle underlying issues, family turmoil, burned bridges and past misdoings which can be very difficult to face and resolve. The success of our students is and always has been our number one priority, and so we measure the success of our students in the same way SAMHSA recommends as a standard for the nation. The four most prominent ways in which we measure successful recovery are: Health Vast majorities of the clientele who enter our doors suffer from a number of physical health issues. In addition to being severely addicted to drugs and alcohol, chronic illnesses, deficiencies and fatigue are found to be making normal daily function quite hard.

We strive to improve the health of our students, and send them home with a greater understanding of how to better take care of themselves. Home Many addicts have been given the opportunity to attend treatment as a “last straw.” They have been evicted or kicked out of their homes, because their dependency has become unmanageable and overwhelming. By mending past wrongdoings and making future plans, students are guided in establishing for themselves a safe and stable place to live. Purpose Taking care of one’s obligations, holding a steady job, choosing a career direction or a path of study—these are all examples of living purposefully. At various steps of the program, students are encouraged to make future plans. These cultivation of purpose continues through to the end of the program during Exit Strategy planning and with Follow Up and Aftercare.

Community Having a strong support structure is key in maintaining sober living. Our community within the facility teaches basic dynamics of living, and the Life Skills courses give helpful tips on how to build and surround oneself with positive people.