Narconon of Oklahoma

Narconon of Oklahoma

The little burg of Canadian, Oklahoma, situated along US-69, is conveniently located just outside the beautiful Arrowhead State Park.   With its expansive Lake Eufaula boasting over 600 miles of shoreline and its abundant wildlife, the park is home to Narconon of Oklahoma.  It is a serene and peaceful natural setting, yet only twenty miles south to the town of McAlester, and 93 miles northwest to the city of Tulsa.  It is in this ideal location that Narconon of Oklahoma has been helping people from all walks of life overcome addiction for more than twenty years.

The Narconon of Oklahoma Center

Because of its location, surrounded by hundreds of acres of the wooded parkland of Arrowhead State Park, the center shares the land with the park wildlife, including deer, raccoon, possum, rabbits, Wild Turkey, coyotes, a myriad of songbirds, and the occasional armadillo.

This center is the flagship of the worldwide network of Narconon drug rehabilitation centers, and at any one time can provide its services to as many 210 students (clients) seeking to overcome their addiction.  In the main lodge, the hub of the center, there are separate wings for the male and females students, as well as Executive Suites with WiFi and fax capability for those students on the program who need to continue working while going through the rehab program.

The main lodge, a magnificent structure of stone, timber, glass and copper, overlooks the tranquil expanses of Lake Eufaula.  To the north and south of the lodge, along the shoreline of the lake are fifty cabins which house a majority of the staff, making staff available to assist the students on the program at any time of the day or night, no matter the time of year or the seasonal weather conditions.

Providing any needed medical care with around-the-clock availability are members of a team of full-time  RNs (Registered Nurses) and LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses).  Narconon of Oklahoma also has a staff medical doctor, and this complement of medical personnel exceeds the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse requirements for a drug rehabilitation facility of its size.

oklahoma narconon facilityThe Narconon of Oklahoma Treatment Program

 The Narconon of Oklahoma drug rehabilitation center provides the same successful treatment program that Narconon provides the world over, addressing why the person, now an addict, turned to drugs as a solution in their life.

The rehabilitation treatment program takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to handling addiction, addressing both the physical and mental aspects of substance abuse.   When an individual comes to Narconon of Oklahoma, he or she receives drug-free rehabilitation, with no substitute medications used in any part of the program.

In brief, the program begins with a drug-free withdrawal, supported with nutritional therapy which helps to restore depleted nutrients resulting from the addiction lifestyle, and assisting the body and mind to better tolerate withdrawal.

Another vital part of the treatment program is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, where with a carefully supervised regimen of daily exercise, controlled time in a low-heat sauna, and complete vitamin and mineral supplementation, the person recovers a clear body and mind as toxic drug residues are flushed from his or her body.

Another major life-changing phase of the treatment program is the study and practical application of  the Life Skills Courses, including how to communicate effectively, how to study, how to change and improve the conditions in life, how to handle the ups and downs in life, and the handling of past transgressions and restoring damaged relationships with others.  The series of courses finish with The Way to Happiness, A Common Sense Guide to Better Living.  Together, this comprehensive course of study provides the person with tools to rebuild their life, maintain their sobriety, and a renewed opportunity to achieve their personal goals.

Helping Oklahoma and Oklahomans

Narconon of Oklahoma reserves a number of rehab program beds as part of their scholarship program for Oklahoma residents. Each year, as many as 48 people have the chance to recover from addiction through this scholarship program.

Narconon of Oklahoma has been sending staff into Oklahoma schools to provide drug education classes for many years.The curriculum used has been proven to reduce the incidence of substance abuse among the students who receive the drug prevention education classes.  In an average year, 50,000 students will be reached with this anti-drug message.

In its 22 years in Oklahoma, Narconon of Oklahoma  is proud to have saved more than 10,000 lives that could or would have been lost to prison, death or complete destruction due to substance abuse and addiction.

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