Narconon Graduate Celebrates 13 Years Sober

Narconon Graduate Celebrates 13 Years Sober

Just last week our new Narconon reviews site published one story rfrom a woman with the initials “E.D.” Her story begins many years ago, when she was only 13 years old. Life was just starting for the young woman and then she started using drugs. Suddenly, everything came to a sudden halt. She swiftly became an addict, and before long was living her life from fix to fix. In her own words, she put her loving and supportive family through Hell by making them watch while she wasted her life with drug addiction, her parents blaming themselves for a supposed failure to raise their daughter right. Like many of her peers, E.D.’s drugs of choice were marijuana and alcohol, though by the time she reached the age of 20 she had become addicted to prescription painkillers and heroin.

At the time, E.D. knew that she was not living her life for all it was worth. Now, looking back on those years, she can’t help but think of how much enjoyment and happiness she deprived herself of by living as an addict. She spent all of her time hurting inside and seeing the glass as half full while hurting everyone who cared about her. One day, her father was searching the internet and found the Narconon program. She decided that it was time for a change and agreed to check into the program. During her time at the Narconon center, she made a fresh start and learned what life was really all about and what it has to offer. Perhaps her biggest realization was that there is life after drugs — something that she previously could not imagine. That was in 2001, and now, nearly 13 years later, she is still living sober. Life after Narconon has not been perfect. E.D. has had her happy times and sad ones, her successes and failures. These ups and downs, however, are now just the normal vicissitudes of the adventure of life. She is no longer being dragged steadily down deeper by the anchor of addiction. The difference is that she now truly appreciates the beauty and joy that life has to offer, rather than using drugs to escape from the challenges in life.

Narconon Graduates Achieve Sobriety and More

In Narconon, E.D. says that she learned how to work hard and apply herself to achieving goals, whereas before she had been waiting for things to be handed to her. Instead of using drugs to make her feel good, she is now making herself feel good through the attainment of worthwhile goals. In her own words, she recommends that people who are entering treatment view it for what it is, the opportunity to fight for their lives and take back the control of their own happiness. E.D.’s story is an excellent example of how Narconon works. The program does not simply get a person through withdrawals and into a state of sobriety that may or may not last. With counseling and life skills courses on subjects including communication, interpersonal relationships, personal values and integrity, the Narconon program helps students to achieve meaningful rehabilitation in life, and it has consistently been doing so for more than four decades. Narconon International has recently published The Narconon Program: 40 Years of Evidence of Recovery, a compilation of nearly two dozen studies and reviews into the effectiveness of the Narconon program. It demonstrates that Narconon graduates stay out of trouble following completion of the program in terms of low rates of criminal recidivism. They achieve high levels of social reintegration, working or pursuing education and living stable lives. Perhaps most importantly, they stay sober, at a rate of about 70%. Narconon graduates do as E.D. did, taking their lives back from addiction and living for themselves and their loved ones rather than being consumed by drugs or alcohol.

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