The Narconon Arrowhead Two Step Detox Process

The Narconon Arrowhead Two Step Detox Process

detoxHow does Narconon handle drug detox? Many drug rehab centers use drug replacement therapy. This approach essentially consists of replacing the drug that the person is addicted to with another drug. The only major difference between the first drug and its replacement is that the former is a street drug whereas the latter is “medication,” but a drug none the less. In the final equation, the person is still using drugs, only now it is under (hopefully) carefully controlled medical supervision. The goal with drug replacement therapy is to use the second drug to gradually wean the person off of using drugs, but in many cases the person simply switches his or her addiction and ends up being hooked on the replacement drug. Narconon takes a different approach, and does not employ drug replacement therapy. That is, in fact, the origin of the name “Narconon”; it is a drug rehab program which does not use narcotics in the treatment of drug addiction. They have done so for nearly 50 years, and their approach to treating drug addiction has become recognized as being among the most effective in existence.

Recently, Narconon released new information about the two-step process that they employ in their drug detox regimen at the outset of the rehab program. In doing so, they are helping to answer common questions about the program so that potential clients can better understand the advantages of choosing Narconon. In short, Narconon’s two-step drug detox consists of:

  • •Getting the person to quit using drugs or drinking alcohol, with the result that there are no further mental or physical side effects of withdrawal and coming down
  • Completing the New Life Detoxification program

Of these two, the first is the most common in the field of addiction treatment. It is the initial step of quitting and persevering through the experience of withdrawal. To ease the discomfort commonly felt by addicts at the outset of recovery, Narconon staff go to great lengths to ensure the comfort and well-being of students. This includes making sure that they get plenty of rest, that they eat a good diet, and that they consume nutritional supplements that have been demonstrated to be effective in easing the symptoms of withdrawals. There are also a series of assists applied at this point, exercises that help to unstick the person’s attention from his or her body and to get it extroverted on the environment.

About the Narconon Sauna Program

The second step in the Narconon detox program is the one which is most unique in the field of addiction treatment, and perhaps the one for which Narconon is most famous: the New Life Detoxification program, more commonly referred to by Narconon students simply as “the sauna.” In this phase of the program, students spend several hours per day sitting in a dry heat sauna — with breaks, of course — which helps their bodies to sweat out the accumulated residues of past drug use. This process is catalyzed by the consumption of specific nutritional supplements, along with a routine of moderate exercise, adequate hydration and a healthy diet. The end result of the New Life Detoxification is that the person is no longer walking around with residues of past drug use stored away in his or her body. Most drugs are not water soluble, which leads small amounts of each dose to become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body rather than being flushed out in the normal excretion process. The presence of these residues in one’s body is largely to blame for the phenomenon of drug cravings after quitting, so it is vital to fully flush these out to give the person a fresh start after recovery. That is one of the most important differences between Narconon and other drug rehab programs; instead of replacing one drug with another, Narconon largely wipes away the effects of drug use and gives the person a clean slate.

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