What Are the Major Health Effects of Drugs

What Are the Major Health Effects of Drugs

prescription pillsNarconon International has recently published a new online guide titled “Cocaine Health Risks,” and they are making it available free of charge to the public. This new informational guide is intended to help more people understand the dangers associated with using cocaine, given that this drug continues to be among the most widely abused types of drugs in the United States. It first became wildly popular in the 1980s, when it was a designer drug and even became a status symbol. Before long, the negative aspects of cocaine use became apparent, and it fell out of favor to some degree. It has held its position as a mainstay in the drug scene, however, and from time to time it has made resurgences in popularity. Hopefully, enough people will read the new Narconon guide to the dangers of cocaine and share it with those they care about so that it will help to save some lives from the devastating consequences of cocaine use, ranging from addiction to overdose and other types of potentially fatal consequences. “Cocaine Health Risk” is the first in a series of guides that Narconon will be releasing about various drugs, and it represents another example of the group’s commitment to reducing the rates of drug abuse and addiction through effective preventative education.

Reading the Narconon guide about cocaine demonstrates just how dangerous drugs can be. When you ask most people why they shouldn’t use drugs, you will normally hear answers that speak to the fact that drugs are illegal or that they are addictive. Some may tell you that using drugs can ruin your life, because of the way that they tend to destroy one’s motivation and initiative and change one’s personality. The fact that drug abuse and addiction will typically spoil relationships with family and friends is another issue that may be presented as a reason to avoid drugs. What you are not as likely to hear is a discussion of the other types of health effects of drug use. Factually, most drugs can be considered to be toxic to a human body, and using them affects not only the mind but other areas of the body as well.

Health Risks of Cocaine Use

Taking the example of cocaine. According to the new Narconon guide, cocaine causes severe physical stress to the heart, arteries and veins. This is due to the fact that the drug, which is a stimulant, speeds up the heartbeat at the same time as constricting the veins and arteries. This, consequently, raises the blood pressure. With time, the muscles of the heart thicken, making it more difficult for it to pump blood. This can lead to a fatal cardiovascular event, as was the case of the death of Whitney Houston, whose heart attack is believed to have been caused or worsened by her famous cocaine addiction. Even if a cocaine user is lucky enough to avoid a heart attack, he or she may suffer other effects. One of these is damage to the septum nasi, the tissue that divides the two nostrils. Snorting cocaine over an extended period of time can cause this tissue to break down to the point where it disappears entirely. These are only two examples of the dangers associated with cocaine use. To learn more, read the new Narconon guide, and be sure to share the link to your friends and family so that they too can understand just how risky this drug is. The possibility of getting addicted is not the only reason to avoid cocaine. Get the facts and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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