After Husband’s Recovery Couple Dedicates Lives to Saving People From Addiction

After Husband’s Recovery Couple Dedicates Lives to Saving People From Addiction

Hands grasped togetherAn individual who first chose to use drugs or alcohol in order to suppress an unwanted emotion or problem in their life soon finds himself in the grips of something that dictates his every thought and action: addiction.  Substance abuse and addiction can cause an individual to lose his physical and mental health, his career, his possessions and his relationships.  Many substance abusers desire to achieve and maintain sobriety, but usually don’t know how to do so and aren’t often willing to struggle through painful withdrawals without being certain of their success.

Substance can strain and damage any relationship, the addict willing to do anything in order to achieve their next drug high even if it means stealing from, lying to or deceiving their closest loved ones.  Full rehabilitation, however, can allow the individual to repair damaged relationships and build healthy new relationships with others, treating their loved ones with the support, kindness and caring that is fitting in such a relationship.

Saving a Marriage

Patricia met her husband seven years ago, just after she had graduated from college.  The two of them hit it off right away, and Patricia knew that he was exactly the type of friend she needed in her life.  He was honest and willing to give his all to anything and anyone who asked for help.  Patricia never guessed for a moment the truth about his past, and was surprised when she learned it.

Two weeks after Patricia graduated from college she went to work at Narconon Arrowhead.  It was supposed to serve as a temporary job, providing her with extra income until she returned to school.  One of the first people she met at Narconon was a very kind, healthy, vibrant, honest young man.  They began to hang out and quickly became very good friends.  Nothing in his attitude or manner indicated that he had once been addicted to crack cocaine.  He seemed healthy and happy, and even impressed Patricia’s parents when they met him.

Because of Narconon, Patricia is very happy.  The man that she loves and has recently celebrated her three-year anniversary with is alive because of the Narconon program.  Together, they have decided to dedicate their lives to saving people from drug addiction.  They help give back to the community and to society at large by saving individuals who are mentally and physically sick due to years and years of drug use.  Patricia and her husband have watched people reignite the hope of a happy, healthy future after drugs had snuffed out the flames years before.  They have helped individuals realize that they can overcome the problems of their past and move forward into a better future without continuing to carry with them the guilt, shame and embarrassment of past drug use.

Patricia’s new life and career as a Narconon Arrowhead staff member is especially important to her because of her past experience with drugs.  Her father was a drug addict and she grew up in a meth house in Southern California.  At the age of sixteen, Patricia moved to Oklahoma to live with her grandmother.  Despite the fact that her father had been addicted to drugs and unable to provide Patricia with the life she deserved, he was still her father and she loved him deeply.  She wishes her father had been able to participate in the Narconon program that saved Patricia’s husband’s life, because she is certain it could’ve done the same for him as well.

While Patricia knows only too well that some individuals like her father failed to receive the help they needed before it was too late, she also understands that every individual she helps at Narconon is one more saved loved one for someone in the world.  Patricia is proud that she and her husband are among the few who help others in times of great need, and are helping to make the world a drug-free place, one individual at a time.