Things That Make a Drug Rehab Effective

Things That Make a Drug Rehab Effective

Alcoholism and drug abuse are hard to tackle on your own. An addict can very rarely just decide not to use drugs anymore and then have no further trouble with substance abuse. In the majority of cases, professional drug rehab is needed in order to first help the addict detox from the drugs he is on. Also, if the addict wants to stay sober, he will then need to know how to change his life so that it is a drug-free one from that point on.

What signs should an addict or his friends or family be looking for when they want to find an effective rehab center? Is there any way to tell what makes a drug rehab effective? The good news is that there is.

The Danger of Some Drug Rehab Centers

A modern-day problem with many drug rehab centers is that they use outdated approaches that don’t really use any sort of evidence-based path to recovery. These centers are still trying approaches that were found to be unworkable decades ago. The addicts at these centers do not get well and they relapse soon after leaving the centers, yet many new addicts still come in. How then, are addicts and their families supposed to know if the rehab they are looking into is the real deal?

What Makes a Drug Rehab Center Effective

There are several key approaches that make a drug rehab effective, and you can look for signs of these before you commit yourself or a loved one to a program.

The first is, what is the program’s success rate? Does the rehab even publish this information? A poor rehab will try to hide this information or dodge the question if it comes up. They may have a very poor record of not actually getting addicts clean, but this is nor information that they want to share with you. An excellent rehab center will be able to show you evidence of why its program works and just how many of the centers’ graduates are living drug free. If the number is high, it is likely an effective choice for treatment.

Another key factor in whether or not a drug rehab will be effective is its viewpoint on using drugs as part of the rehab procedure. A poor drug rehab will fall back on a lazy method of “rehab” which is to just give addicts a different drug to use. Instead of actually getting an addict off of heroin, for example, many rehabs will simply switch the addict over to methadone. In the end, this doesn’t actually get the addict to stop using drugs. One of the key points that makes a good drug rehab effective is a commitment to being drug-free throughout the process. Only by deciding not to use drugs at all can an addict ever truly get out of the grasp of his addiction. If he has other drugs available to him, he may never truly be able to break that downward spiral.

Narconon Releases Studies that Prove Efficacy

Narconon International has now released evidence of over 40 years of successfully helping addicts recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Instead of just talking the talk (without being able to walk the walk), Narconon has been willing to prove with scientific research that is the leader in safe and effective drug rehabilitation. So, when you’re looking for effective drug rehab, look no further than a Narconon drug and alcohol rehab center.

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