Do Addicts Know the Consequences of Substance Abuse

Do Addicts Know the Consequences of Substance Abuse

consequencesWhy would anyone ever start using drugs, given that the consequences can be so great? Not everyone who tries drugs, of course, becomes an addict. At the same time, however, nobody who does end up addicted to drugs meant to — nobody ever plans to be an addict. It’s a risk that a person takes when he or she tries drugs, and the risk becomes greater and greater with prolonged use. For those who do get hooked, it would seem that the obvious next step would be to take every possible action to quit as soon as possible after realizing that one has become addicted. Of course, the very nature of addiction means that the person can’t just decide to quit and then quit, but help is available and it is possible to put an end to drug addiction through rehab. Knowing this, why wouldn’t a person who has become a drug addict drop everything and get the help that he or she needs to quit and avoid the dire consequences of continuing to live life as an addict? As hard as it may be to understand this viewpoint, it is nevertheless a common reality that many addicts simply can’t bring themselves to take the necessary steps to get into rehab and to quit. We can gain insight into the mindset of an addict in this position by watching a new video posted online recently by Narconon.

In the video, a young woman tells us about her experience as an addict and what was going on in her mind in the time before she finally made the decision to quit and come to Narconon. In her words, drug addicts are not oblivious to the risks they are living with. “If you are an addict, you know what’s going to happen. You know that you’re going to end up dead or in prison or with some kind of disease that you can’t cure.” This speaks to the enormous power of drug addiction, that a person would continue to engage in substance abuse despite knowing full well that the behavior is all but guaranteed to lead to some type of tragic outcome. Even so, according to the young woman, addicts don’t necessarily consider this reality to be an acceptable one. “We don’t want to live that way. I know I didn’t, and I know no addict does.” So what would keep a person in her situation from taking action to make a fresh start? In her case, it was her own self-doubt:

I doubted myself over and over again, and I just had in my head, ‘This is who I am. I’ve been stuck in this path for so long and I’m never going to be able to change. I’ve already damaged so much, so what’s the point?’

Of course, she finally did see that there was hope, she got the help she needed, and now she is sharing her story in an effort to help others make the same change that she did.

Possible Health Problems Caused by Using Drugs

Just how great are the consequences of drug abuse? The National Institute on Drug Abuse lists a wide variety of possible medical complications and other undesirable conditions that can stem from substance abuse, including:

  • Lung disease
  • Kidney damage
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Musculoskeletal deterioration
  • Cancer
  • HIV/AIDS or hepatitis (from sharing intravenous needles)
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Addiction
  • Alterations in gene expression and brain circuitry

If you have a friend or family member who is an addict, you can see just how greatly he or she is at risk of suffering short- or long-term health problems. Based on the understanding we can gain from the story shared by the young woman in the Narconon video, you can more effectively talk to your loved one about the situation and help him or her to make the right decision to get help and to quit.

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