5 Steps to a Drug-Free Life

5 Steps to a Drug-Free Life

drug free lifeA new video posted online recently by Narconon features nine people telling their personal stories of how they beat drug addiction through the Narconon program and got a fresh start in life. The first man tells us, “You know, I have a whole new chance at life again.” Another says that after completing the Narconon sauna detox, he “wanted to do all the things [he] hadn’t done in years.” A young woman reports that “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I have my life back. I have my sense of self-worth back.” The final speaker in the new video sums it all up by saying that “Basically, Narconon gives you your life back.” All of these people have in common the fact that they were able to turn their lives around and get a second chance through Narconon. How did they do it? Here’s an overview of the five steps to a drug-free life:

Decide It’s Time for Change

Nobody can ever truly recover from addiction until he or she has made the sincere decision to quit. A person can be dragged into rehab or ordered there by the court; he or she can be led through detox and restrained by the force of law from using drugs or drinking. But the person will never stop being an addict before he or she has experienced a genuine change of mind. The addict has to reach a point of recognizing a real need for change and a fear of worsening, followed by a personal demand for improvement. In some cases this occurs after he or she has arrived at rehab, but usually it occurs earlier.

Detoxify Fully

One of the things that makes Narconon unique is its sauna detox. Most drug rehab programs have some type of detox phase, but it’s usually nothing more than the period of getting through the symptoms of withdrawal. In some case, it is even “assisted” by drug replacement therapy, in which the addict is given another type of drug to substitute for the drug of addiction. Narconon is different. As the name implies, the program uses no drugs in treating addiction. Further, the program includes the sauna detoxification step in which the person spends time sweating in a dry heat sauna, along with exercising and consuming a controlled regimen of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements. All of this has the effect of flushing out accumulated residues left behind by past drug use, with the result that the person no longer is liable to the cravings and flashbacks which are typically caused by such residues. As one of the men in the video tells us, “I didn’t feel any effects from drugs after I completed the sauna. I no longer had cravings. My body felt amazing. I felt great!” The sauna detox also has the effect of improving overall health, as we learn from another man in the video: “I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been, after doing the sauna program.”

Come to Present Time

A drug addict is typically stuck in the past. The person’s attention is fixed on past moments of pain or upset, failures or losses. In many cases, the drug use is an attempt to self-medicate the anguish caused by these past memories. Furthermore, using drugs tends to fix a person’s attention at those moments; after a person gets high, some part of the person’s awareness has been reduced and is liable to reactivate later on as a flashback. Part of the Narconon program addresses this through counseling and exercises that serve to pull the person’s attention out of the past and into the present where it belongs. When this has been achieved, the person is now better prepared to cope with life, to enjoy pleasure today and to build a happy future.

Regain Self-Respect

The things a person does during the time he or she spends as a drug addict are often things that the person will later regret. Lying; cheating; stealing; hurting other people; violating one’s own personal respect in order to get more drugs. This degradation often serves to trap the person in addiction, but Narconon includes steps that help to overcome this problem. Among other things, the Life Skills courses which are part of the Narconon program require the person to take actions to confront the past and come to terms with what he or she has done. The goal is to rebuild the person’s self-respect and sense of integrity, and it makes it possible for the person to become a trustworthy friend and family member once again. One of the people in the video tells us proudly that  “My family can trust me now.”

Finish Recovery

Many drug addicts who make it through rehab live the rest of their lives with the dubious label of “recovering addict.” Why would you want to be a “recovering addict?” Narconon helps a person to recover from addiction, with the result that the person is no longer an addict and is now just a person, and not a person who has to cope with cravings. “I don’t feel that I will ever have a problem with drugs or alcohol again,” says one of the speakers from the video. Once you’re done with Narconon, you’re done with addiction and done with rehab. “We can be free, and not have to attend meetings, not have to attend counselors. So that, in itself, is one of the best things about this program, because once you are completed with the program, you are ready to live your life.” Following the steps of Narconon makes it possible to live a drug-free life and to do so free from the barriers one once faced: “Every day, I wake up in the morning, and I feel like I have purpose. Life is looking up!”

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