5 Effective Steps to Choosing a Drug Rehab

5 Effective Steps to Choosing a Drug Rehab

rehabDoes the Program Have a Track Record of Success?

Nearly all drug rehab programs claim to be the best, but few can supply evidence of this. Most do not invest any substantial resources into tracking their outcomes in terms of what percentages of patients remain sober and stable in life following their completion of the program. Many would not be willing to share the information if they had it, given that a large percentage of addiction treatment providers achieve results that are indifferent at best. Choose a drug rehab program that does take the time to follow up with graduates to find out how they are doing and to determine how well the program is doing in terms of helping people to achieve stable and lasting recovery.

Location, Location, Location

At first, you might think that it is best to choose a drug rehab center that is close to home, to save on travel expenses, to make it easier to get to and from the center, and to facilitate visits with friends and family. In most cases, you would be wrong about this. For reasons such as those listed above, a local drug rehab center may not be the right one for you. When a person enters rehab, it’s important to make something of a clean break from the status quo and normal life. In many cases, it is the strained relationships with friends and family that are causing stress that helps to keep the person trapped in addiction. There is also the liability that a “friend” might make a visit to sneak drugs in to the recovering addict, whereas the likelihood of this happening if the rehab center is at a greater distance is far less.

Does it Have a Thorough Approach to Teaching Life Skills?

It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of teaching life skills to a recovering addict. It has been found that a person who becomes a drug addict ends up in that position largely because he or she was faced with life situations which were simply overwhelming. The person turned to drugs or alcohol for an escape and a refuge, and eventually became dependent. Unless the program addresses these underlying weaknesses and helps the person to achieve a new level of stability and confidence in life, there is a great risk that he or she will end up in the same position again. The drug rehab program you choose should be one that includes an adequate address to the subject of life skills that the person can use to better cope with the challenges of living upon his or her return to the outside world.

Can you Afford It?

Price is certainly an issue in the selection of a drug rehab center. While insurance may cover some of the costs of treatment, it is not likely to cover the full bill, and you have to take into account your means to determine what’s realistic. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot afford to sacrifice quality of service and treatment at the expense of choosing the cheapest program available. When rehab doesn’t work the first time, that is often the only chance you will get, because the person may not be eager to take another chance at recovery. To make matters worse, the risk of overdose is often greater after a person has gotten sober in a short rehab program but did not achieve a full and stable recovery; the body may have readjusted to normal levels, and if the person relapses and takes the normal amount of drugs he or she was used to consuming, this could easily result in a fatal shock to the system. You might save money with a cheaper program, but at what cost in the long run?

Do it Now

You could spend forever looking for the perfect drug rehab program, but while you wait, the person who needs treatment is continuing to live in danger of suffering the serious consequences of substances abuse. Every day you wait is another day when that person is at risk of being arrested, of getting injured in an accident, or of suffering an overdose. Do your best to choose the right program, but make sure that you get your loved one into treatment as soon as possible.

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