3 Ways Life Will Improve After Drug Treatment

3 Ways Life Will Improve After Drug Treatment

personWhile the problem of drug use seems terribly obvious to everyone else around them, it is not unusual for a substance abuser to feel certain that they don’t have a problem at all.  If they do come to a point where they are willing to admit that they have a problem and they need help in resolving it, it is then not unusual for them to move all responsibility for their problem off onto someone else.  They are not able to see that they made a choice to begin drug use, which led to further drug use and addiction.  In their mind, it was their spouse’s fault for always starting fights at home, it was their boss’ fault for overworking them, it was the economy’s fault for making inflation continue to rise while their paycheck went nowhere, and so on.  With this level of responsibility and outlook on life, a substance abuser who has agreed to participate in rehabilitation treatment may want nothing more than to be free of addiction and cravings.

Because rehabilitation treatment varies widely from facility to facility and program to program, it can happen that some individuals don’t experience lasting benefit from certain treatments or programs.  This does not mean that treatment cannot work for them, but only that they haven’t yet found the program or facility that does work for them.  Some facilities and programs may focus exclusively on having the individual withdraw from drugs and participate in counseling sessions in the hope that they will be able to return to life without returning to drugs.  Other facilities and programs dig deeper, trying to not only resolve the problems the individual now finds himself in, but prepare him for a future where he can set and reach his goals and dreams.

Life Improvements After Treatment

An individual who has successfully completed a full rehabilitation program should have some very definite goals for his future, including:

– Finding a job

This may seem simple at first blush, but for an individual who may not have been working an honest job for some time due to their problems with substance abuse, finding a job can be a rather daunting task.  Some individuals find that they want to return to school so that they can pursue a career they are truly interested in.

– Finding a home

This can also be difficult, because in some cases the substance abuser has been removed from the home of a friend, spouse or other family member because of their substance abuse problems.  The also do not usually have the financial capital often required to gain a place of residence.

– Restoring relationships

Just because a substance abuser has fully rehabilitated their own life does not mean that the damages they created in their relationships with others have automatically healed as well.  The individual may have to work hard to repair these relationships and the damages he caused, regaining the trust of individuals around him.

Setting goals gives the individual a reason to move forward, away from the substance abuse in their past and into a healthy, prosperous future.

Testimony from Successful Rehabilitation Treatment Patient

Eric enrolled in the Narconon Arrowhead rehabilitation program in Canadian Oklahoma in 2001.  He was twenty-three years old, without a job, in financial trouble, in legal trouble, and terribly addicted to drugs.  The Narconon program not only restored Eric to a drug-free body but gave him the many valuable tools he would need to live happily and successfully.  He was able to walk away from drugs entirely and reach for what life could offer him.

Today Eric has a wonderful career, a beautiful, happy family and an amazing life.  He is grateful for the fact that Narconon not only helped him terminate his relationship with drugs, but also helped him realize exactly what he wanted from life and how he could get it.